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At PocketAI.Online, we understand that educators have a lot on their plates. That's why we offer powerful tools designed to help increase productivity and streamline the teaching process. Our generators for lesson plans, assignments, study guides, case studies, and exams are all formatted for easy import into various LMS systems, saving you time and effort. And with our diversity, equity, and inclusion classroom tool and active learning strategies, you can create an engaging and inclusive learning environment that meets the needs of all your students, whether you're a seasoned pro or a new teacher, PocketAI.Online is here to help you succeed. Sign up today and see the difference for yourself.

  • Streamline Lesson Planning and Assignment Creation
  • Foster Inclusive and Engaging Learning Environments
  • Personalize Student Feedback with AI-Powered Tools
  • Personalized study guides, case studies, and exams
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Discover the Benefits of PocketAI.Online

PocketAI.Online is a robust platform that offers a range of benefits for both students and educators, with PocketAI.Online, you'll have access to advanced AI-powered tools and features that are specifically designed to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:

For Students:

  • Get personalized feedback on your writing assignments to improve your writing skills and boost your grades.
  • Access to AI-powered writing and learning tools to help you achieve your academic goals.
  • Gain confidence in your writing abilities with PocketAI.Online's user-friendly platform.

For Educators:

  • Save time with our custom lesson plans and assignment generators, designed to meet your needs.
  • Streamline your grading process with our advanced feedback tools.
  • Create engaging and interactive learning experiences with our active learning strategies and diversity, equity, and inclusion classroom tool.

  The Ultimate AI Assistant for Educators

  •   AI-Free Coursework: Craft assignments to promote critical thinking and deter reliance on AI assistance like ChatGPT.
  •   IEP Goals: PocketAI can generate Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals based on grade level and specific areas of need.
  •   Exam: PocketAI can create multiple choice and true/false questions for import into Brightspace D2L quizzes using Respondus.
  •   Feedback: Receive writing feedback from PocketAI.
  •   Study Guide: Enter your exam or quiz and PocketAI will create a study guide for your students.
  •   Assignments: Get assignment ideas for your courses by providing course details to PocketAI.
  •   Diversity & Inclusion: Ask PocketAI for ideas on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in your classes.
  •   Active Learning: Receive suggestions for active learning projects from PocketAI.
  •   Case Studies: Request case studies for your classes from PocketAI.
  •   Lesson Plans: Provide topic, grade, and mode of instruction details to PocketAI to receive lesson plans.
  •   Midjourney Prompt Generator: Enter a keyword and generate a prompt to use with the Midjourney AI image generator.
  •   Online Learning Tips: PocketAI can create a list of tips to help students in an online class achieve success when supplied with the topic and grade level.
  •   Debate Topic Generator: Enter a topic and grade level to generate a list of engaging debate questions.
  •   Sarcasm: Take a break and have a sarcastic chat with PocketAI.
At PocketAI.Online, we're committed to providing the best possible learning experience for students and educators alike. Join us today and experience the difference for yourself.

Eliminate Writing Errors

PocketAI.Online's advanced writing suggestions ensure accuracy and precision in your assignments. Eliminate common writing mistakes and improve your grades.

Adaptable to Any Subject

PocketAI.Online's tools can be used for any course or subject, from math and science to English and history.

Accessible for Everyone

PocketAI.Online is ADA-compliant and offers over 50 accessible settings to ensure all students can access the material.

Consistent Results

Using PocketAI.Online ensures that assignments and grading rubrics are consistent from semester to semester, providing students with a reliable and effective learning experience.

User-Friendly Interface

PocketAI.Online offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for instructors to input course information and generate professional-looking assignments and lesson plans.

Customizable to Your Style

Customize the look and feel of your generated assignments and lesson plans to match your personal style or your institution's branding. The easy-to-use interface lets you input course information and generate professional-looking materials in minutes.

Secure and Private

PocketAI.Online takes the privacy and security of your data seriously. All your data is stored securely and is only accessible to you.

Dedicated Support

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that PocketAI.Online works seamlessly for you. If you have any questions or issues, our support team is always available to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

PocketAI.Online is an advanced AI-powered platform designed to enhance teaching and learning experiences for both students and educators. It offers a range of tools, such as lesson plan generators, assignment creation, and personalized feedback, to streamline the education process and improve outcomes.

Students can receive personalized feedback on their writing assignments, access AI-powered writing and learning tools, and gain confidence in their abilities through PocketAI.Online's user-friendly platform. These tools help students achieve their academic goals and improve their writing skills.

Educators can save time with custom lesson plans and assignment generators, streamline their grading process with advanced feedback tools, and create engaging learning experiences using active learning strategies and diversity, equity, and inclusion classroom tools provided by PocketAI.Online.

PocketAI.Online supports translation of words and phrases in over 40 languages. This feature helps educators and students communicate effectively in a multilingual environment and ensures that learning materials are accessible to a wider audience.

PocketAI.Online takes data privacy and security seriously. The platform employs industry-standard security measures, such as encryption and secure access protocols, to protect user data. In addition, PocketAI.Online adheres to strict privacy policies, ensuring that user data is handled responsibly and not shared with unauthorized third parties.

No, you don't need any special software or hardware to use PocketAI.Online. The platform is web-based and can be accessed using a modern internet browser on any device, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. This ensures that users can conveniently access the platform and its tools from virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

While PocketAI.Online may offer trial periods or limited free versions of their services from time to time, it is best to visit their website for the most up-to-date information on available offers and pricing plans. This will allow you to choose the best option for your needs and budget.

PocketAI.Online offers a diversity, equity, and inclusion classroom tool, along with active learning strategies that help educators create inclusive and engaging learning environments. These tools enable educators to address the diverse needs of their students, accommodate different learning styles, and foster a sense of belonging in the classroom. By using PocketAI.Online, educators can design lessons and activities that promote collaboration, critical thinking, and active participation, ensuring that all students feel valued and supported in their learning journey.

Yes, PocketAI.Online offers advanced feedback tools that can help educators streamline their grading process. The platform uses AI-powered algorithms to analyze student assignments and provide personalized feedback on areas that need improvement. This not only saves time for educators but also ensures that students receive valuable, constructive feedback to help them enhance their writing skills and overall academic performance.

PocketAI.Online is designed to be versatile and adaptable, allowing educators to create lesson plans, assignments, study guides, case studies, and exams for a wide range of subjects. Whether you are teaching science, mathematics, history, literature, or any other subject, PocketAI.Online's AI-powered tools can help you generate customized and engaging content to meet the specific needs of your students and curriculum.

About Us

At, we are a team of experienced educators and developers dedicated to providing innovative and effective solutions to the challenges facing today's students and educators.

Our founder, a college kinesiology professor with over 30 years of experience, combined his expertise in education with his programming skills to create this revolutionary educational tool.

We understand the importance of personalized learning and believe that every student has the potential to achieve their academic goals with the right support. That's why we've created a platform that not only provides students with individualized writing assistance, but also offers faculty tools to increase their productivity and enhance their teaching strategies.

At, we're committed to making education accessible, efficient, and effective for all.


At PocketAI.Online, we believe in offering affordable and flexible pricing options that cater to the diverse needs of educators and institutions. Our pricing plans are designed to provide you with the best value and access to our advanced AI-powered tools and features. Choose from the following pricing options:

Individual Educator Plan

Our Individual Educator Plan is perfect for teachers who want to access PocketAI.Online's suite of tools to enhance their teaching experience. This plan includes:

  • Unlimited access to lesson plan, assignment, study guide, case study, and exam generators
  • Advanced feedback tools for providing personalized feedback on student assignments
  • Access to our diversity, equity, and inclusion classroom tool and active learning strategies

Monthly Subscription: TBA

Annual Subscription: TBA (Save 15%)

Institutional Plan

Our Institutional Plan is designed for schools, colleges, and universities that want to provide all their educators with the benefits of PocketAI.Online. This plan includes all the features of the Individual Educator Plan, as well as:

  • Volume-based discounts for multiple educators
  • Customized onboarding and training for your faculty
  • Priority customer support
  • Access to new features and updates

Contact us for a custom quote tailored to your institution's needs.

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